“Passion in everything. I want the slightest things hopelessly, like the biggest ones. I never have any respite.”

– Gabriele D’Annunzio

The best images of the Tuscan actress

Book photos

TV presenter and event presenter

Below you can see a few photos of Roberta, as an event presenter and TV presenter, while conducting live contests and more. Among the presenters, Roberta stands out for her charisma, for stage safety on stage, for the immediate spontaneity with which she is able to cope with any unexpected events that may occur in live shows or during a live. Check!

On charity evenings

Roberta is very keen on having her presence in the management of charity events where funds are raised for non-profit cultural organizations and associations.

Set photos

The most beautiful images made while Roberta shoots films or takes part in auditions and previews!

Book fotografico


Here is Roberta’s latest book, created by photographer Giuseppe Pisana.

Shots that bring out the young Italian actress who is in her, a Tuscan comedian who does not take herself too seriously, who faces life with passion, determination and self-irony. One of the most beautiful Italian actresses who decided to invest in both academic and artistic education to feel complete. An expressive and engaging young Italian actress, but also a TV presenter and event presenter capable of treading the stage with confidence.