“Simple person? No, that’s not me. Multi-faceted, passionate, determined. Today and tomorrow, true to myself.”

– Roberta Catarzi

Roberta Catarzi is a TV and event presenter and an actress.


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A brief biography of Roberta divided by thematic areas. A multifaceted artist specialized in acting and conducting both in Italian and French and English.


With a smile on her lips that distinguishes her, she is a presenter of cooking contests, fashion shows and great live shows.

She has an excellent knowledge of French and English and she is willing to conduct in a foreign language.

In 2016 she leads “Fuochi e Fornelli” with Antonino Cannavacciuolo.

In 2017 it is the year in which she takes part in the presentation of the centenary of the Lions Club.

In the same year, she presented:

the evenings of “Tuscany rainbow summer” with the concert of Raf.

and the fashion evening of “Sposi e cerimonie”

In 2018 she presents again “Summer rainbow rainbow” with the concert of Loredana Bert√®,

the 2018 there is the edition of “Sposi e cerimonie” and “a tea at Villa Sperling” with Alessandro Cecchi Paone

After the first photo book in Milan she then lent his own image also for various editorials.

The public appreciates and follows she with affection, taking an interest in casting and auditions from time to time, following she in shows and even virtually on social media.


His first love with the stage dates back to 2001, when he played Mariagrazia in Luigi Pirandello’s’ ”L’ altro figlio ”. In that year, the Presidency of the Lazio Regional Council awarded her the Under 18 Award for Best Actress.

In 2014 he plays a ‘hockey girl’, best friend of the bride, in the film “The Tuscan Wedding”, directed by Johan Nijenhuis, a cinepanettone who hits the Dutch screens with actors of the caliber of Jan Kooijman and Lieke van Lexmond.

In 2015 the film “Una Ragione Per Combattere” was released on the big screen, directed by Alessandro Baccini, in which Roberta is in the role of a television presenter and journalist. This feature film is successful in Italy and above all abroad.

In 2016 Roberta is an interpreter at the cinema in films:

“Remake One” directed by Marco Frosini, in which he plays the role of ‘Romina Doctor’;

“I’ll Protect You” with the director and actor Daniele di Stefano and where he is a determined TV presenter and TV reporter.

Smile Factor” directed by Igor Biddau, Marta is the name of the role he plays as the production secretary of Smile Factor. A real success of Tuscan comedy, born from an idea by Carlo Conti and with Massimo Ceccherini, Cristiano Militello and many others!

Academic Life

In 2012 she obtained a degree in “Design and Management of Art and Entertainment Events and Enterprises” (PROGEAS) at the University of Florence.

In 2015 she obtained with honors the master’s degree in ‘School Management and Clinical Pedagogy’.

The passion she puts into his scenic representations as a young Italian actress is also found while pursuing the profession of Educationalist, where she helps children and adolescents with Specific Learning Disorders and Special Educational Needs as a specialist, also taking care of the relationships between school, family and social welfare context.

Artistic Life

The world of entertainment is her passion. Start attending an acting school. sHe prepared himself for the theater casting, for the auditions for actors and for the film auditions, testing himself in the laboratories of the acting school of Prato.

Roberta took part in advertising, theater and TV casting, she was and is the protagonist of various commercials and video clips, special correspondent, commentator and TV presenter for broadcasters.

She studied classical and contemporary dance, Caribbean dances and new tango and took singing lessons.

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rombi rossi



Acting and presenting are two of the activities that Roberta loves the most.
She decided to make his passion a job because he considers it stimulating and since he was a child he is chasing the dream of becoming a famous actress!



Roberta is a young woman motivated by the desire to express herself artistically, asserting her charisma and all her commitment on stage.



The acting and diction school was a boost to enhance her talent.
With many years of experience on the big and small screen, Roberta feels at ease on stage, thus also involving spectators, infected by her irony.



There is and there will always be something to improve on, something new to learn or simply something to reinvent.
Roberta accentuates all the challenges that can increase her artistically.